Social and charity activity – BGK’s Foundations

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego’s social engagement programmes are conducted by the J.K. Steczkowski BGK Foundation. Its mission is to mobilise and support citizens at various stages of their life. Strategic operations of the Foundation include aligning educational opportunities, supporting adults, reinforcing national identity and the sense of community among young citizens.

The most important initiatives to support the social development in Poland undertaken by the Bank in 2020 included:

  • promoting equal educational opportunities;
  • building social capital;
  • promoting volunteer work.

The year 2020 saw important developments in connection with the prevailing pandemic. In view of the situation, the J.K. Steczkowski BGK Foundation had to increase its focus on health protection and promotion.

Effect of activities of the BGK Foundation in 2020:

000 beneficiaries of initiatives implemented or co-financed by the Foundation
co-financed educational projects for equal education opportunities for children from rural areas and small towns as part of the 11th edition of grant contest “Off to a Good Start!”. The programme had over 5,000 beneficiaries and the total amount of co-financing was nearly PLN 0.5 million
economic education projects for children and the youth were co-financed in the 5th and 6th edition of the “Once Upon a Time... Money” programme
students and volunteers participated in the 3rd edition of the “Small Town” programme, in which nearly 400 hours of general education were provided. Due to the pandemic, two “Small Town” events was postponed to June 2021. The total amount of funding was approximately PLN 0.6 million
projects co-financed for approximately PLN 0.84 million as part of the 3rd edition of the “My Small Homeland” programme
projects co-financed in the 1st edition of the “Wings for Mother” programme totalling for a total of some PLN 0.4 million
social projects co-financed as part of the Bank’s social initiatives with the participation of its employees, in the 12th edition of the “Voluntary service is great!” programme
PLN million
support provided to 10 hospitals in connection with the state of the pandemic in 2020. In addition, we provided isotonic drinks and specialist masks for emergency medical staff of the Meditrans Provincial Medical Emergency and Sanitary Transport Station
PLN thous.
in the form of four awards worth PLN 10 thousand each, provided as co-financing under the contest “Quality Label of Social and Solidarity Economy 2020” implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy

Promoting equal educational opportunities

12th edition of the “Off to a Good Start!” grant contest

As part of the “Off to a Good Start!” grant contest, the BGK Foundation encourages the application of innovative methods of working with pre-school and early school age children, which facilitate interaction between students, develop communication and teamwork skills, creativity, initiative, empathy and responsibility, and promote physical activity. In particular, the support covers preparation and holding classes for children, purchase of learning aids, purchase of the necessary equipment related to the executed project, expert advice for children and workshops for parents and guardians.

co-financed projects

3rd and 4th edition of the “Once Upon a Time... Money” programme

Since 2017 the BGK Foundation has accepted applications for the “Once Upon a Time… Money” programme. The programme is addressed to children aged between 3 and 9 and its purpose is to familiarise them with the basics of finances, so that they can function better in a modern society. It involves holding proprietary classes for individual age groups. Their topics include the value of money, the basis of economy and personal finance management, the role of banks and reasonable consumer choices.

co-financed projects
approx. 930
beneficiaries (including 890 children and 40 teachers)

3rd edition of the “Small Town” programme

In 2020, the BGK Foundation held the 3rd edition of the “Small Town” programme. In the competition three winners were identified to hold the Small Town event in three different locations. Despite the epidemiological restrictions and very difficult conditions, one project was completed successfully. The two other projects were postponed to 2021.

“Small Town” is an educational programme developed by the BGK Foundation and addressed to children between 8 to 12 years of age. For five days, children are given an opportunity to assume the role of an adult: they work, earn, save and spend money. Through play and action children learn the value of money, how to manage their budget, and how the economy works.

Children as residents of a “Small Town” participate in educational workshops organised by local entrepreneurs.

the town were the classes were held
approx. 200
students and volunteers

Initiatives for adults

3rd edition of the “Generation 6.0” programme – call for applications

“Generation 6.0” is a programme addressed to persons over 60 years of age, intended to improve their social, technological and physical activity, prevent their exclusion and set new development paths for them. The programme involves cyclical courses, workshops or classes, e.g. in financial matters, language courses, workshops on digital skills, professional development courses, group rehabilitation or physiotherapy etc.

submitted applications

1st edition of the “Wings for Mother” programme

The programme objective is to activate women from smaller towns which are on a maternity or parental leave or who are unemployed in connection with providing care for small children who do not participate in any form of kindergarten care. The workshops carried out as part of the project are intended to make it easier for mothers to return to work after a break caused by caring for a child and help them discover their own talents.

co-financed projects

Citizenship education and building social capital

3rd edition of the “My Little Homeland” programme

The programme is aimed at co-financing initiatives improving the infrastructure of local communities and activating them to work for the common good in the local environment, design public space and improve its visual appearance and functionality and modernise it. Under the programme, co-financing was awarded also for activities which foster local patriotism, commemorating local heroes and historical events, as well as initiatives supporting sports, recreation and educational centres.

co-financed projects
approx. 22,104

1st edition of the “Captain Nemo’s Children” programme

“Captain Nemo’s Children” is a new programme of historical education designed for the youth from higher grades of primary school and from secondary schools. The objective of the programme is to recall the profiles of Poles whose achievements, discoveries or inventions revolutionised human thought and changed the perception of the world. Through various forms of activities (e.g. workshops, games, outdoor classes), young people will learn about history and wonderful achievements of slightly less well-known Poles. The programme aims at building national pride and providing the youth with a motivation to learn and work.

Number of beneficiaries

The “Quality Label of Social and Solidarity Economy 2020” contest

In 2020, the BGK Foundation engaged in the project “System of certification with quality labels for social economy entities and local government units”, implemented by the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy and co-financed from EU funds under Measure 2.9 of the Knowledge, Education and Development Operational Programme. As part of the project the “Quality Label of Social and Solidarity Economy 2020” contest was held.

Social initiatives implemented with the participation of BGK’s employees

“Voluntary service is great!”

In 2020, 12th edition of the “Voluntary service is great!” programme was held. In the “Voluntary service is great!” contest, employees may submit their own social projects addressing local problems and needs that they have identified.

co-financed projects

“Good – Pay it Forward!”

Voluntary work for various entities was performed by eight divisions, departments and offices of BGK.

The Foundation’s service supported, among others, the ANIMATOR Association for the Development of Local Activity, the Dog’s Angel Asylum Foundation, Children’s Home No. 15 in Warsaw, the House of Support for Warsaw Insurgents, Children’s Home of the Congregation of Franciscan Sisters of the Family of Mary, the Prometeusz Foundation, the Our Safe World Foundation for Persons with Disabilities and the Catholic Support Centre for Children and the Youth in Braniewo.

completed projects

Volunteer work campaigns

In 2020, in cooperation with the Bank’s employees, the BGK Foundation organised two volunteer work campaigns:

  • collection of school supplies as part of the “Back to School” campaign, after which the collected materials were sent to “The Little Prince” Foster Care Home in Kraków, Childcare Facilities in Rzeszów, and the Catholic Centre for the Support of Children and the Youth in Braniewo;
  •  “Small Dreams Come True” – over 160 gifts were sent to children from seven specialised centres across Poland.

Outcome of BGK’s voluntary work projects:

hours of service
BGK’s volunteers

Partnership projects and donations

In addition to grant programmes, the Foundation engaged in many initiatives as part of partnership projects and donations. In accordance with its statutory objectives related to promoting equal opportunities for education and supporting science and education, the BGK Foundation financed, among other things, training courses during which young people were able to improve their soft competences and develop citizenship. These activities helped identify local leaders among the youth.

The State of Poland Foundation

The Foundation was established in 2019. The main objective of the foundation is to build a positive image of the Polish economy and Poland by facilitating achievements in the area of unique products, innovations, technology, social thought, culture, art, history and tradition, both in Poland and on an international forum, It is not less important for us to build support facilities for Polish commercial, development, production and tourism companies using modern and traditional methods of image communication.

The most important projects implemented by the Foundation include:

  • 8D Experience Museum – a mobile pavilion, where thanks to modern techniques, combination of art with digital technology and commercial services, supported by sensory effects, visitors can experience Poland;
  • Jabłonki – a festival of the Polish culture of apples – a campaign aimed at building a positive image of Poland as an excellent and beautiful country offering great tastes;
  • Niepospolici series – a project designed to build a sense of pride and belonging among Poles and promote knowledge about civilisational and development achievements of Poland in the country and across the world;
  • Polish image bank – a democratic platform accessible to professional and non-professional artists, containing photographs and video materials depicting Poland, available at attractive prices;
  • Community of the Three Seas Initiative – a planned campaign promoting awareness of the benefits of the initiative among the inhabitants of all 3SI countries;
  • Polskie dobro – a book and a campaign promoting the nature of Poles, treating about their economy and love for tasty and high-quality food, about their natural skills of the organisation in any conditions, good spirit and humour;
  • – a social project, bringing together convalescent and COVID-19 patients and raising awareness of blood donation and the coronavirus;
  • Niepospolita – a historical movie project promoting economic, cultural and social achievements of the Second Polish Republic and reminding about the human and material potential lost due to the outbreak of war;
  • Tax solidarity – a campaign to raise awareness of intra-European process of profit shifting to tax havens which are entirely legal and go unpunished within the EU as EU Member States;
  • Stop VAT Carousel – an international information campaign explaining the VAT Carousel mechanism and its adverse impact on the economies and inhabitants of Europe;
  • #fakehunter – social project of verification of online content, launched by the Polish Press Agency together with GovTech Polska, aimed at combating fake information on SARS-CoV-2;
  • Cześć historio! – a conference attended by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, experts, artists and the youth, on the importance and role of history in building the present and the future and raising next generations;
  • Hello world – an Internet mini campaign in which a video was produced showing 100 people greeting the inhabitants of 100 countries across the world in their respective native languages.

Most the Most Foundation

On 28 October 2020 the Most the Most Foundation was established, founded by BGK. The Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation. Its objective is to refer to Polish history, tradition and national heritage as a foundation for building a dialogue between the history and modernity.

Key objectives are as follows:

  • inspiring cooperation between generations aimed at preserving national heritage;
  • increasing engagement and encouraging local communities to act for the benefit of meeting their own needs;
  • saving historical monuments and giving them new lives and social functions by adapting them to modern use for generations;
  • supporting sustainable development, local projects, stimulating local economy and socio-cultural activities.