Loan for technological innovations

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In the European Innovation Scoreboard 2021, Poland maintained a very strong growth of innovation indicators and caught up with most of moderate innovators. Unfortunately, this is still not enough to rank among the top European countries (we ranked 24th out of 27 EU Member States).

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What contributed to Poland’s ranking was the “Loan for technological innovations” prepared by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, which supported and helped develop innovation and competitiveness of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland. This financial support instrument enables companies to implement technology innovations resulting from own research and development work or from research and development work purchased by entrepreneurs as part of the project from third parties.

Businesses receive support in the form of BGK’s technological grant for the repayment of a part of the technology loan provided by a commercial bank for a technology investment project.

agreements signed until the end of 2021
PLN billion
amount of co-financing for projects with total eligible costs of more than PLN 6.662 billion

As part of the evaluation of applications, 1,306 applications were approved – the amount of approved co-financing was PLN 1.638 billion and the value of eligible costs was PLN 3.302 billion.

Based on the Polish Classification of Business Activity, loans for technological innovations under the OP SG are granted primarily to enterprises from the industrial sector (78.27% of projects, 76.92% of co-financing) and the services sector (12.55% of projects, 12.09% of co-financing). The predominant types of businesses were medium and low technology as well as low technology businesses (61.98% of total projects, 62.90% of total co-financing), most of which from the rubber and plastics processing industry and the metallurgical and metal industry.

Projects under sub-measure 3.2.2 – Loan for technological innovations were awarded only to SMEs, including:

  • micro-enterprises – 7% of projects with the co-financing of PLN 151.56 million (5% of the total amount of co-financing);
  • small-sized enterprises – 36% of projects for PLN 1,060.63 million (32% of the total amount of co-financing);
  • medium-sized enterprises – 57% of projects for PLN 2,092.50 million (63% of the total amount of co-financing).

At the end of 2021, the signing of co-financing agreements with applicants was completed. The projects must be implemented and settled by the end of 2023.

Work is currently underway on the launch of a successor of the Loan for technological innovations in the new EU financial framework for 2021–2027.