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Tramwaje Śląskie S.A. – bond issue programme with the participation of the EIB

In 2021, BGK jointly with Bank Pekao granted financing to Tramwaje Śląskie S.A. in the form of a bond issue programme for PLN 496 million for the modernisation of the tram network in the Silesian and the Zagłębie Agglomeration. The issue proceeds will be used to continue the investment programme until 2023. The programme will include the purchase of 50 modern trams and modernisation of 100 km of tracks. By participating in the financing, BGK supports the development of an integrated and sustainable transport system and tram infrastructure, ultimately increasing the size of the zero-emission fleet, improving the comfort of travel by public transport and reducing noise in the city.

As part of the Bond Issue Programme “Integrated project of modernisation of the tram infrastructure in the Silesian and the Zagłębie Agglomeration, together with the purchase of tram stock” the company will issue bonds worth a total of PLN 496 million, half of which will be acquired by BGK and Bank Pekao each: each bank will subscribe for PLN 248 million. The financing will also include funds from the European Investment Bank.

The agreement is a continuation of a programme granted to the company three years ago, also in by a consortium of BGK and Pekao with the participation of the EIB, when PLN 328 million was allocated for the modernisation and construction of track infrastructure and purchase of tram rolling stock.

PLN mn
value of bonds issued by BGK under the "Integrated project for the modernization of tram infrastructure in the Silesian-Zagłębie Agglomeration along with the purchase of tram rolling stock"
PLN mn
earmarked for the purchase and construction of rolling stock