Support for students

Sureties for student loans

The purpose of the Student Loan Fund (previously: the Student Loan and Credit Fund) is to broaden the accessibility of higher education through a system of preferential student loans advanced by lending institutions.

BGK administers the Fund in the area of transferring payments to the lending institutions. Financial assistance is provided to students in the form of interest subsidies and covering the financial cost of total or partial loan cancellation.

The Bank pays the entire interest on loans during the borrower’s studies and for two years of the grace period between graduation and the repayment start date. Student loans with an interest subsidy from the state budget have been available in the market since 1998 and thanks to the introduced changes related to sureties and cancellation they have become popular in the academic environment.

BGK supports the Ministry of Education and Science in improving the quality of Polish higher education institutions and science. The cancellation system rewards the best students, promotes best practices and establishes a good model. The SLF helps future staff members in acquiring higher qualifications and promotes good academic performance.

Since the launch of the student loan subsidy programme, students have submitted a total of about 583 thousand loan applications. Income criteria entitling to priority in applying for a student loan were met by nearly 506,000 applicants, i.e. some 87% of all applicants. During this period, the lending institutions advanced approximately 407,300 loans to students.

The Fund’s lending activity in 2018–2021

Year Number of applications submitted Income threshold
(in PLN)
Number of persons who met the income criterion Number of
signed agreements
Number of agreements/number of persons who met the income criterion (%)
2019 2594 2500 (netto) 2594 2166 83,5%
2020 1968 2500/3000 (netto) 1968 1572 80%
2021 2030 3000 2030 1810 89%

Sureties for student loans

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego provides sureties to lending banks for portfolios of student loans in connection with the government programme “Support of Entrepreneurship with Sureties and Guarantees of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego”. The surety is granted for the term of the student loan and additional three months; the collateral in favour of BGK in the case of claims arising from the performance of the surety agreement is a blank promissory note issued by the borrower, while the commission fee for providing the surety is 1.5% of the part of the monthly student loan tranche covered by the surety. The decision on whether a given student loan is eligible for being covered by BGK’s surety is made by the lending bank based on the terms set out in the concluded surety agreements regarding a student loan portfolio.

In the academic year 2021/2022, BGK’s surety covers 100% of the used loan principal together with interest, without any other costs related to the loan advanced:

The surety may be granted to students:

  1. whose income per family member does not exceed PLN 2,500;
  2. who have been fully deprived of the care of their natural parents or who have been partially or fully deprived of the care of their natural parents and have been placed in a care and education centre, adjustment or rehabilitation centre, excluding rehabilitation centre operating on a 24/7, stay or periodical basis, regardless of the level of income.