About the 3W idea

The 3W idea: water–hydrogen–coal (where 3W stands for the resource names in Polish) is an initiative launched by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego. The goal of the project is to support the scientific and business community in developing modern technologies to be applied in the industry, power engineering, and medicine. The three types of resources – water, hydrogen, and coal – when used properly, will change the Polish economy into a more innovative and competitive one. 3W is a long-term project to activate society, business, science and the authorities. 3W is an effort towards sustainable development of the economy and society. For the 3W initiative to succeed, cooperation between the world of science, business and administration is needed. Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego assumes the role of integrator of many communities in order to promote sustainable development and boost the competitiveness of Polish economy.


As a source of life, but also a necessary resource used in the industry and power generation, water is of crucial importance for the further development of new technologies. Being able to manage the water resource efficiently will help us build technological capital. We must work towards a modern, closed-loop water management.


Climate change also drives investments in modern and renewable energy sources. Hydrogen has the potential to become the fuel of the future, and the whole world is in the race to lead in the production of green, environmentally friendly hydrogen. Hydrogen valleys, wind farms that produce green hydrogen, hydrogen-powered buses and trains, all this is not a distant future.


BGK wants to support the use of non-energy coal in modern technologies. It has innovative applications in medicine, pharmacology, cosmetology or even construction.

Learn more -> Links: https://www.bgk.pl/3w/ https://idea3w.org/

In October 2021, the report “3W Idea. Development perspectives” was published, prepared by BGK’s 3W team. It is a guide to water, hydrogen and carbon technologies – the resources that underpin sustainable development. You can download the Report here.

In 2021, BGK organised the first 3W workshops in Poznań for representatives of local government units and science. The workshops were also held in Olsztyn during the Congress of the Future. The issue of efficient water consumption was also at the centre of interest of the participants of the first Aquathon in Poland – a hackathon, during which the 3W team presented the participants with a task related to water management. The result of this task was a scenario, based on which an educational animation was prepared: “Man in a 3W world”.

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, together with 11 leading Polish higher education institutions and the Łukasiewicz Research Network, announced in May 2022 the establishment of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Innovation 3W (ICI 3W).

The Centre is to become a platform for cooperation between science and business, which is primarily intended to accelerate the commercialisation of modern technologies in the area of water, hydrogen and carbon.

Putting invention commercialisation on the fast track will be the most important task of ICI 3W, but not the only one. The Centre will also focus on patent and legal support for businesses and researchers, promotion of the best technologies, education activities and promotion of the 3W idea.