Environmental agreements

Wind power

In September 2021, BGK signed a sector understanding on the development of offshore wind energy industry in Poland. This is a first understanding of that nature in the European Union. The aim of the understanding is to ensure sustainable development of the entire offshore wind power industry with the largest possible participation of Polish companies. It will help create a permanent platform for cooperation between the central government, local governments, investors and operators of offshore wind farms in Poland. Representatives of supply and service chains, research units and financial institutions will also be involved. This will bring energy, environmental, economic and social benefits to the whole country, not just to coastal areas. The understanding is a crowning achievement in cooperation related to the construction and development of the offshore wind power industry in Poland.


In October, BGK became a signatory of the hydrogen agreement. The Polish Hydrogen Agreement is the result of cooperation between public administration, representatives of business and science. It identifies needs, barriers of development and social expectations related to the implementation of the hydrogen economy in Poland. The authors of the Agreement have also prepared proposals for actions necessary to create a project-friendly market and institutional-legal environment. The Agreement is a key implementation instrument of the Polish Hydrogen Strategy until 2030 with a perspective until 2040. It constitutes a response to global challenges related to counteracting the effects of climate change and proposes a number of solutions inscribed in the transformation of the Polish energy sector.

The implementation of the Agreement will also enable the involvement of national funds provided by the public sector and the participation in new projects by the partners from the private sector with the support of European and international funds.

Biogas and biomethane

In November last year, BGK also signed a cooperation agreement for the development of the biogas and biomethane sector. The aim of the initiative is to establish a permanent cooperation platform and to develop actions to enhance the role of the biogas and biomethane production sector. An important element of the agreement is also strengthening the position of domestic enterprises in the supply chain. Given its resource potential, Poland has the ambition to generate such quantity of green gas in the future that would secure a significant part of demand for natural gas in the country.


In December 2021, an agreement for the development of the PV industry in Poland was signed at the Ministry of Environment – Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego was one of its signatories. The purpose of the agreement is to consolidate the PV industry as well as to promote cooperation with entities interested in building and developing the photovoltaic sector in Poland. The rapid rise in the number of PV installations and the increase in their generation capacity is intended to help the Polish RES market grow, as well as to accelerate the energy transformation. As in previous agreements, an important aspect is the possibility of strengthening the potential of the Polish industry, driven by the strong growth of the PV industry.

The business model and pillars are mutually complementary. They respond to market’s needs. The agreements signed are consistent with the Bank’s new strategy and combine the following programmes: Strategic Security, Industrial Development, Infrastructure, Transport and Logistics, and the 3W idea. The construction of renewable energy facilities (offshore wind farms, PV installations) or the acquisition of green fuel is one of the pillars of strategic security, while building supply chains for such projects is an opportunity for Poland to develop new industries. These activities support the sustainable development of our economy.