Working conditions

Salaries and benefits

The remuneration system at BGK consists of:

  • fixed remuneration,
  • variable remuneration, including performance and discretionary bonuses.

Ratios of standard entry level wage compared to local minimum wage

Woman Man Total average
Standard entry level salary compared to minimum salary (in 2020 the minimum salary in Poland was PLN 2,600 gross) 160% 157% 159%

All employees, regardless of the type of their employment contract, are entitled to the following benefits:

  • medical care
  • Multisport benefit cards
  • type P employee group life insurance
  • Employee Pension Fund
  • discounts for Koleje Mazowieckie railway tickets
  • events for employees and their children
  • care services for children under 14 years of age available for both parents
  • sports groups
  • jubilee awards
  • social and random benefits (also for pensioners)
  • co-financing of the Senior Club
  • holiday benefits for employees’ children
  • social benefits and loans scheme
  • financial support for voluntary work
  • retirement severance pay higher than provided for in the Labour Code
  • gifts (blanket) for parents upon the birth of a child, sent together with a congratulations card

In addition, based on the submitted financial declaration, BGK offers the following to its employees:

  • holiday prepaid cards for employees
  • holiday benefits for pensioners
  • co-financing of language learning
  • childbirth benefit
  • co-financing of self-arranged employee holidays
  • co-financing of organised children’s holidays
  • co-financing of tickets for cultural and sports events
  • co-financing of various forms of childcare in nurseries and kindergartens
  • co-financing of the purchase of books, CDs and DVDs, computer games and board games
  • co-financing of the purchase of sports equipment

In addition to the above benefits, after working at the Bank for two full years, an employee becomes eligible to take out loans granted from the Company Social Benefits Fund for housing purposes (construction, purchase, adaptation) or renovation purposes. Loans for renovation may also be advanced to retired employees of the Bank.

As of 2021, the remuneration of the management staff is linked to the Bank’s social and environmental performance.

Promoting health and healthy lifestyle

BGK offers additional medical care to its employees, conducts preventive and educational health activities and cares for creating friendly working conditions. The Bank organises events, whose purpose is the promotion of healthy and active living habits among staff.

We organised a workshop “Healthy, fast, inexpensive – how to start eating better”. One event involved a breakfast with a dietician, during which it was possible to prepare a healthy breakfast using fresh products in accordance with the dietician’s instructions. We held workshops on the clickmeeting platform and consultations with dietician on how to boost immunity. On the intranet, we published articles: “Get the right BMI”, two articles on quitting smoking, an article on diabetes, an article entitled “Diet and mental health.” We organised a lecture for our personnel entitled “Viruses and epidemics – an up to date topic.”

We held four webinars on work ergonomics: “Facts and myths about the spine – how to self-manage pain”, “Ergonomics of remote work – how to set up a work station (at home and at the office)”, “Active break at work – how to exercise effectively”, “Mindfulness – the art of dealing with negative emotions”.

In connection with the change of the office, we organised another four webinars for employees as part of the “Be ergo” series: “Work life balance – how to reconcile a sitting position job with active life?”, “Self-massage, or how to self-manage spine pain”, “Self-massage, or how to self-manage headaches, neck pain, upper limb pain”. We gave instructions on how to use and adjust modern office chairs and desks provided to each employee. We recorded a relevant video – instructions on how to use an office chair and desk, which was published in the intranet, so that each employee returning to work can properly adjust their desk and chair.

In connection with the World Sight Day held on 8 October, we organised a webinar for employees “Look into your eyes”, aimed at raising awareness among employees about proper eye care and how to protect eyes against major diseases.

During the pandemic, we reimbursed employees for the cost of COVID-19 tests. In 2021, we joined the “Vaccinations at the workplace” campaign and provided employees with the medical package “Health check after COVID-19”.

There are ten sports groups at the Bank (running, football, cycling, shooting, racket, sailing, skiing, dance, trapping, self-defence, and martial arts) and a room for bicycles is available. Twice a month, all the Bank’s offices receive deliveries of fruits for employees.

To meet various needs of employees, support their passions and talents, inspire for the search for solutions that ensure a healthy balance between personal and professional life, BGK created the programme “Many roles – one life”. The main objective of this initiative is to promote a perception of wellbeing as not only benefits, sports cards and medical care, but also as a human being as a whole. In 2020, the Bank focused on the health of employees and their relatives. Lectures, meetings with experts and workshops were held in three thematic blocks: “Health Academy”, “Take care of your loved ones”, “Take care of yourself”.

For the Bank’s employees who are parents, a special guide was prepared on the intranet, which contains a description of their rights, both resulting from the support programmes offered by the organisation and from the Labour Code. To maintain contact with employees, throughout the entire maternity, parental and childcare leave, once a quarter the Bank sends a Newsletter #rodzinkaBGK. The quarterly contains information on the most important events at the Bank, changes in labour law, parental rights and benefits.

In February 2021, the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP24) was introduced as a professional, confidential source of information and psychological assistance for all employees and members of their families. The assistance is offered in connection with difficult situations in both professional and private life. Assistance is provided by a team of psychologists, therapists, psychotherapists and coaches.

sports fraternities
bicycle room

The BGK pensioners club

The Bank’s employees who retire due to old age or disability can join the organisation associating retired employees of the Bank. The active Senior Club currently includes over 200 members. Its activities mainly include the integration former employees by offering cultural, artistic and tourism events. The Senior Club organises meetings, domestic trips and trips to other countries, trips to sanatoria and outings to theatres and cinemas, which are highly popular. We must not forget the annual Christmas Eve meetings and holiday benefits for pensioners. Due to the pandemic, in 2020 it was not possible to organise a Christmas Eve meeting for pensioners, but instead we organised home delivery of a Christmas basket with food products for each club member.

In addition, the Senior Club publishes a quarterly which includes reports on meetings, trips and outings as well as interesting facts from BGK’s history.

To co-finance the Senior Club’s activities, the Bank allocates 5% of the annual basic contribution to the Company Social Benefits Fund. The Bank also provides premises to pensioners for their monthly meetings and helps to organise them.

Employee Council

In accordance with the Act on Informing and Consulting Employees of 7 April 2006, the Bank’s employees established the Employee Council.

The Council is a representative body of the Bank’s employees; its primary tasks include the establishment with the employer of the rules and procedures for the transfer of information and holding consultations, the procedure for resolving disputes and the rules for bearing the costs related to the election and operation of the Council, including the costs related to the preparation of necessary expert opinions.

The employer is required to inform the Council of its activities and economic standing and of any expected changes in this respect, the status of the organisation and any expected changes in employment and the activities aimed at maintaining the level of employment, as well as activities which may result in significant changes in the organisation of work or the basis of employment.

Trade unions

Pursuant to the Act on Trade Unions of 23 May 1991, two trade unions operate at the Bank. These are the Independent Trade Union of Employees of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and the Company Trade Union No. 00-017 of the Labour Confederation National Trade Union at Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, with only the latter being a representative organisation within the meaning of the Labour Code. This means that this trade union takes positions that are binding for the employer, concerning all labour law matters which in accordance with the law require consultation with, opinion of or approval by trade unions.

Both trade unions have their by-laws and authorities. Relations between the employer and the social partner are positive. Representatives of the social partner shall be invited to cooperate on important projects concerning employee matters. Negotiations are held in a partnership atmosphere, due regard for the interests of all parties.

At the end of 2020, the representative trade union included 331 members. This represents 18% of the Bank’s total workforce.