Diversity managment

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In accordance with the rules applicable at BGK, all employees of the  Bank enjoy equal treatment, regardless of gender, age, race, religion, ethinc orgin, political affiliation, nationality, sexual orientation, disablility and trade union membership.

The Bank consistenly takes steps to ensure equal treatment of employees and cares for the diversity of its personnel by:

  • incluing relevant provisions in internal regulations and procedures,
  • promoting values and customs relating to treatment of each person withrespect and dignity,
  • building employees awarness through trainings and workshops,
  • promoting equal treatment in the workplace,so as to create and maintain a working enviroment, where each employee can fully use their potential, which is intended to result in continuous development of the Bank and improved effectiveness,
  • ensuring that employees have equal treatment in remuneration including equal access to non-pay benefits,
  • ensuring that employees have equal opportunities in access to development initiatives and training courses offered by the Bank,
  • builiding diverse employee teams.

At BGK, we strive to create a friendly working enviroment – free of mobbing, discrimination and other unethiocal behaviour. To that end, the following tools are used:

  • the „Respect in the workplace” policy that helps understand how important it is to care for positive relations at work,
  • Anti-Mobbing Procedure, which specifies, among other things, how to report a breach and what is the procedure to be followed in a given case.

We make sure that BGK employees are aware of diversity, human rights and employee right, ways of reporting difficultsituations and seeking assistance in solving them. To this end, we provide adaptation training to each newly hired BGK employee. During such training, we inform them about our values, in particular respect and consideration for the dignity of each person, emphasising diversity as a strength of BGK.


At the same time, employees participate in training on wellbeing, among other things, where they learn how to take care of themselves and others so that everyone in their diversity (especially in terms of needs) can achive satisfaction and „happiness at work” (10 workshops and 78 trainees). To create a friendly working enviroment, the „Employee Realtions” tab was added in the intranet, where internal regulations on the policy of „Respect in the workplace” and the Anti-Mobbing Procedure were published, as well as information on contact optionsin the event of witnessing unethical conduct. Moreover, at periodic intervals Employee Realtions Manager publishes articales whose content promotes building a friendly wokring enviroment at BGK.

In 2021, an e-learning training course „Respect in the workplace” was launched, which is mandatory for all employees of the Bank and ends with a test that must be passed to confirm the acquisition of the necessary knowledge.

Solutions for people with disabilities

The Bank’s website has a special contrast version – a key element of WCAG, allowing people with vision impairment to use websites. In addition, an option to increase text size on the website is available – there are three sizes to choose from. The Bank consistenly refurbishes its branches to better adapt them to the needs of disabled persons.

The Bank implemented the process of making the general terms and conditions of agreemnets and rules accesible to customers in accordance with Art. 46 of the Act of 19 July 2019. When completing a properly prepared form on the Bank’s website, a customer may report the need to receive such document in a properly adapted form: in sign language, audio recordings, Braille code or with an  appropriate font size.

BGK currently occupies the Varso 2 building at ul.Chemilna 73 in Warsaw. The building has a certificate of accessibility for persons with disabilities confirming that it meets the requirements of architectural accessibility and is adapted to the needs of persons with different types of disability.

Internal activities for people with disabilities consist of conducting a needs analysis and defining the challenges of this stakeholder group. To adress them, in 2021 the Bank organised an online inspirational speech by Andżelika Chrapkiewicz-Gądek, who talked about her fight with the disease and served as an inspiration to overcome weaknesses, gain new skills and support one another in a diverse team. In December 2021, the Bank organised a workshop inspired by the game „Hero’s journey” an the FRIS (Facts-Relations-Idea-Structures) model. In the process of expiriencing and learning from each other, the instructor combined elements of a training workshop and team building. The main focus of the „Hero’s Journey” was to support participants in setting and achiving individual and team goals that are important to them and conscious participation in the process of change. The idea behind the game was also to enhance the participants’ sesnse of power, establishment of relations, agency and motivation to take action. The vision, needs and goals of people with disabilities were determined. Workshops for people with disabilities were held at the Bank for the first time. Periodic meetings/workshops have been scheduled and are due to be held on an annual basis. It is worth nothing that employees with disability certificate are also involved in the activities of sports assosiations that are active in the Bank.

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Percentage of persons holding managerial positions at the organisation

Management Board TOTAL women men
less than 30 years 0% 0% 0%
30 to 50 years 67% 0% 67%
over 50 years 33% 17% 17%
TOTAL 100% 17% 83%
Supervisory Board women men
TOTAL 100% 25% 75%

Percentage of employees in the categories below

senior managment TOTAL women men
less than 30 years 0% 0% 0%
30 to 50 years 69% 26% 43%
over 50 years 31% 17% 14%
TOTAL 100% 43% 57%
middle managment women men
less than 30 years 0% 0% 0%
30 to 50 years 73% 36% 36%
over 50 years 27% 17% 10%
ŁĄCZNIE 100% 54% 46%
other staff women men
less than 30 years 12% 7% 5%
30 to 50 years 66% 42% 23%
over 50 years 22% 15% 8%
TOTAL 100% 64% 36%


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Ratio of basic salary and remuneration* of women to men for each employee category

Basic salary Remuneration
Senior managment
less than 30 years
30 to 50 years 102,4% 101%
over 50 years 93,5% 93,7%
Average 97,9% 97,3%
Middle managment
less than 30 years
30 to 50 years 91,1% 88,7%
over 50 years 96,2% 102,1%
Average 93,7% 95,4%
Other staff
less than 30 years 91,3% 87%
30 to 50 years 92,6% 79%
over 50 years 106,9% 91%
Average 96,9% 83%

*including variable remuneration awarded for the degree of achievement of the employee’s objectives.